Children’s Ministry is going to look different for a while.  We understand that this process is not the most convenient but is done out of an abundance of caution for your family as well as our volunteers and staff.  We are subject to state guidelines for childcare facilities and are working within guidelines given by Governor Abbott as laid out by the CDC.  We thank you for your patience as well as trusting us with your child each week.  We are excited to be able to serve your family once again and look forward to seeing you very soon!




  • When you arrive at church you will go to the wellness check station in the lobby.
    • Upon arrival to the wellness check station your child, and a designated parent for pickup and drop-off, will have their temperature taken.
    • You will then be asked the following Health Screening Questions.
      • Does the child live with, or have close contact with, someone who has been suspected of or had positive COVID-19 results?
      • Has the child shown any of the following symptoms?
        • Sudden onset cough
        • Congestion
        • Shortness of breath


Once you and your child have cleared the wellness station in the foyer…


EPIC CHILDREN will then be given a name tag that must remain on them at all times.  They will then proceed to the sanctuary for worship with their parents.  At the end of worship, they will be dismissed to the left front door of the sanctuary to Pastor Becky and Epic Personnel.  At the end of service, the children will be brought back to the same door to be dismissed to their parents.


PB&J CHILDREN will be given a colored slip and you can then proceed with your child to the nursery desk check-in.

  • If there are parents ahead of you at the check-in desk, we ask that you keep six feet of distance between you by standing on the marked areas on the floor as you wait in line to check-in.
  • Once you arrive at the check-in desk you will be asked for your colored slip to verify you have passed through the wellness station.
  • Your child will then be checked in by nursery staff and given their name tag.
  • Once you have your child’s name tag you may proceed to your child’s classroom.
  • When you arrive at your child’s room you will be asked to show your child’s name tag to verify that you have gone through the necessary check points.
  • We ask that you do not leave diaper bags, strollers, or cars seats in the room with your child.
    • Supplies to label diapers, bottles, and any necessary items for your child will be provided in your child’s nursery rooms.
    • Spots to park car seats and strollers will be provided outside the nursery room.
    • You will be asked to take all bags with you into the sanctuary.



  • Since we are having a condensed service time, no snacks will be served. The only exception to this is in our baby rooms if a bottle feeding is needed.
  • Please do not send your child with any food.
  • Our playground and story time rooms will be closed, and children will not leave their room unless it is for a bathroom visit.
  • Teachers will be put through the same wellness checks and rooms will undergo sanitation protocols as well.
  • If you are needed for any reason during the service, your child’s number will appear on the screen in the sanctuary. We ask that if you are needed during the service, to send the designated parent to tend to your child’s needs.
  • At the close of service pastor will direct designated parents of nursery and preschoolers to use the door at the front right side of the sanctuary.
  • You will form a line and then be directed to the designated pickup spots for your child’s class.
  • Our goal is to expedite the process of pickup so that our hallway does not become congested.
  • To help us do this we ask that you refrain from stopping for conversations with others until you reach the foyer.